Prior SNOBOL4 resources: here

Oregon SNOBOL5 coming soon for 64bit Windows (7 and later) and 64bit Linux, nearly identical. This is an update from the old Minnesota SNOBOL4 with many new features.
Alpha version of SNOBOL5 for Linux: executable
Alpha version of SNOBOL5 for Windows: executable
Program to let you enter statements and immediately execute them: source
N-queens solving program: source
Wordle game: source
Sudoku solving program: source
Eliza psychologist program: source
Simple English sytax checker: source
Program to create a cross reference of your snobol program: source
Shortest self reproducing program ("quine") in snobol: source

Documentaion and open source information coming soon... Here is the draft version, still being updated: SNOBOL5 Documentation Open source files and information coming soon...

To run a program in Linux: ./snobol5 programfile.sno -6 outputfile -7 punchfile
To run a program in Windows: snobol5.exe programfile.sno -6 outputfile -7 punchfile
Some initial help with: snobol5.exe --help
snopath environment variable is where it looks for includes.

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